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Batting Partnerships

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1137 Gavin Smith - Damien Caughlan Centrals Cricket ClubFourth Grade21 1 Spring Hill
2221 Tim Low - Taylor Beatty Orange City Cricket ClubFirst Grade15 1 Centrals
3170 Kaleb Cook - Stuart Middleton Cavaliers (Orange) Cricket ClubSecond GradeSF 1 Centrals
4206 Taylor Beatty - Shaun Grenfell Orange City Cricket ClubFirst Grade13 1 Kinross
5135 David Langston - Dylan Caughlan Orange City Cricket ClubThird Grade13 1 Kinross
6137 Matthew Rumble - Jason Bailey Orange Waratahs Cricket ClubSecond Grade14 1 CYMS
783 Ross Beasley - Shaun Kirby Orange City Cricket ClubSecond Grade14 1 Cavaliers
897 Shaun Grenfell - Edward Morrish Orange City Cricket ClubFirst Grade4 1 Cavaliers
986 Joshua Cheney - Mark Kennedy Orange City Cricket ClubThird GradeSF 1 CYMS 3rds
10134 Jed O'Neill - Brad O'Brien Kinross Wolaroi School Cricket ClubCentenary Cup1 1 CYMS

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