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Matches Played

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First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Bonnor Cup
Centenary Cup
Third Grade T20
1 Morris, CarlSpring Hill001000
2 Ronald, Ben JKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club100000
3 Laird, JamieOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club001000
4 Savill, JonathonOrange CYMS Cricket Club010000
5 Middleton, StuartOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club010000
6 Ruddy, GuyOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club001000
7 Griffith, LachlanOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club010000
8 Cook, KalebOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club100000
9 Richard, WilliamCentrals Cricket Club010000
10 Dray, RowanCentrals Cricket Club010000
11 Laird, CameronOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club100000
12 Qureshi, JameelSt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Inc.000100
13 Kermode, HarryKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club100000
14 Jaye, RorySpring Hill001000
15 Doherty, JoshOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club100000
16 Corben, MattOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club100000
17 Fisher, WayneOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club001000
18 Harvey, Riley GSpring Hill001000
19 Baker, MatthewOrange CYMS Cricket Club010000
20 Turner, DeanCentrals Cricket Club100100
21 Kennewell, DarylCentrals Cricket Club100100
22 Dunlop, NickCentrals Cricket Club000100
23 Hayman, Mark DCentrals Cricket Club010000
24 Gander, NathanCentrals Cricket Club000100
25 Smith, Adam BOrange CYMS Cricket Club100000
26 Wright, TomOrange CYMS Cricket Club010000
27 Eiseman, RoshanCentrals Cricket Club010000
28 Beuzeville, ChristianCentrals Cricket Club001000
29 Litchfield, AndrewKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club100000
30 Harvey, MitchCentrals Cricket Club100000
31 Priest, JoeKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club010000
32 Kennewell, MickCentrals Cricket Club001000
33 Wiegold, AndrewCentrals Cricket Club001000
34 Oborn, SimonSpring Hill001000
35 Black, MitchellOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club100000
36 Cooper, MitchellOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club010000
37 Brien, AlexKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club100000
38 Kiss, TomKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club010000
39 Pauletto, JakeCentrals Cricket Club100000
40 Brien, Bailey ASt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Inc.000100
41 Ivory, EthanSt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Inc.000100
42 Salmon, AnthonyCentrals Cricket Club010000
43 McIntyre, HughKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club100000
44 Taylor, MitchellSt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Inc.000100
45 Jones, NoahKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club010000
46 Burgess, MatthewCentrals Cricket Club000100
47 Tedeschi, MatthewCentrals Cricket Club100000
48 Pauletto, ZaccaryCentrals Cricket Club010000
49 Rose, FletcherCentrals Cricket Club100100
50 Cumming, George AKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club010000
51 Harris, CharlieOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club010000
52 Wiegold, AlexanderOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club100000
53 Urza, JarrodOrange CYMS Cricket Club100000
54 Walker, BrockCentrals Cricket Club001000
55 Beasley, MitchellOrange CYMS Cricket Club010000
56 Davis, BarneyCentrals Cricket Club010000
57 Ryan, AdamSt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Inc.000100
58 Fearnley, MatthewSt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Inc.000100
59 Bingham, LukeSpring Hill001000
60 Rasmussen, CameronCentrals Cricket Club100100
61 Traves, ScottSt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Inc.000100
62 Wilson, ThomOrange CYMS Cricket Club100000
63 Dodds, JackCentrals Cricket Club100100
64 Novak, ChrisOrange CYMS Cricket Club100000
65 Pearce, MaxOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club010000
66 O'Shea, FergusOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club010000
67 Thomas, JoelOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club010000
68 Winslade, Benjamin MCentrals Cricket Club100100
69 Crowhurst, ShaneCentrals Cricket Club001000
70 Faul, GarethCentrals Cricket Club001000
71 Belmonte, ThomasOrange CYMS Cricket Club100000
72 Smith, GavinCentrals Cricket Club001000
73 Costa, KevinOrange CYMS Cricket Club100000
74 McFarlane, RowanOrange CYMS Cricket Club010000
75 West, HarryOrange CYMS Cricket Club100000
76 Moriarty, AidanOrange CYMS Cricket Club100000
77 West, TomOrange CYMS Cricket Club100000
78 Thompson, JamesKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club010000
79 Ferguson, BaileyOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club100000
80 Webber, BaileySt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Inc.000100
81 Casey, Aiden JOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club001000
82 Middleton, Hugh ROrange Cavaliers Cricket Club100000
83 Mansell, KobeOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club010000
84 Dodds, EdwardCentrals Cricket Club100100
85 Sandford, BenjaminCentrals Cricket Club010000
86 Slattery, BrydonSt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Inc.000100
87 Slattery, ConnorSt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Inc.000100
88 Kurtz, RyanOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club100000
89 Broes, NicholasSt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Inc.000100
90 Harris, JonOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club010000
91 Ripps, MatthewCentrals Cricket Club100100
92 Webber, JaySt Pat's Old Boys Cricket Club Inc.000100
93 Vanstone, PeterCentrals Cricket Club010000
94 Karupiah, AshokOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club010000
95 Luelf, WillKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club100000
96 Bouffler, RohanOrange CYMS Cricket Club100000
97 Litchfield, PhoebeKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club100000
98 Fernando, ShehanOrange CYMS Cricket Club010000
99 Fitzpatrick, Scott SOrange CYMS Cricket Club010000
100 Jackson, KeeganOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club001000
101 Madigan, ThomasKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club010000
102 Kemp, Charlie WOrange CYMS Cricket Club010000
103 Rasmussen, NicholasKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club010000
104 Rasmussen, JonothanKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club010000
105 Drew, JasonOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club001000
106 Reimer, ZacCentrals Cricket Club100100
107 Wotton, StephenOrange CYMS Cricket Club010000
108 Izzard, HudsonOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club100000
109 Trott, Luke JSpring Hill001000
110 Drew, MatthewOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club001000
111 Pavy, ZacOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club010000
112 Milne, PeterOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club001000
113 Weir, JacobOrange CYMS Cricket Club010000
114 Taylor, EdwardKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club100000
115 Palmer, RyanOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club001000
116 Pearson, TroyCentrals Cricket Club001000
117 Pullar, StuartCentrals Cricket Club010000
118 Totten, NathanCentrals Cricket Club001000
119 Balasingam, ParththeepanOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club010000
120 Wilson, RohanKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club010000
121 Knox, MatthewCentrals Cricket Club001000
122 Jackson, MitchellOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club001000
123 Caughlan, DamienCentrals Cricket Club010000
124 Cardow, KyleSpring Hill001000
125 Lakshmikanth, TammineniOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club001000
126 Pavey, AdamOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club001000
127 Prowse, Walter JKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club010000
128 Hope, SamuelKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club010000
129 Lamb, DanielSpring Hill001000
130 Ridley, SamKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club100000
131 May, HarryKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club100000
132 Buckley, loganKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club100000
133 Maybin, MarkOrange Cavaliers Cricket Club100000
134 Day-Tennant, SonnyOrange CYMS Cricket Club100000
135 Wilson, TimothyCentrals Cricket Club001000
136 Wright, JamalSpring Hill001000
137 Walford, JoshuaSpring Hill001000
138 Mcbride, RyanSpring Hill001000
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