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First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Bonnor Cup
Fourth Grade
Centenary Cup
Third Grade T20
1 Crosswell, JoelOrange CYMS Cricket Club4004000
2 Bridge, GavinOrange CYMS Cricket Club5510000
3 Morris, CarlSpring Hill00001003
4 Fitzpatrick, TrentORC Cricket Club Inc0002000
5 Crisp, StuartKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club10103000
6 Chiarella, BenOrange CYMS Cricket Club3501000
7 Boundy, David ROrange City Cricket Club7104000
8 Beatty, TaylorOrange City Cricket Club4002000
9 Timbs, SamuelLithgow District Cricket Association0005000
10 Schuyler, LukeOrange CYMS Cricket Club0110700
11 Edwards, CraigCavaliers (Orange) Cricket Club0430000
12 Marsh, DallasSpring Hill00001403
13 Day, MartinOrange City Cricket Club0310000
14 Centofanti, Brendon KOrange Waratahs Cricket Club0260001
15 Daintith, AnthonyOrange CYMS Cricket Club0010261
16 Eden, TroyOrange CYMS Cricket Club0930000
17 Laird, JamieCavaliers (Orange) Cricket Club0270000
18 Piper, CraigOrange CYMS Cricket Club0000200
19 Rumble, MatthewOrange Waratahs Cricket Club01200000
20 Savill, BrettOrange CYMS Cricket Club0040200
21 Savill, JonathonOrange CYMS Cricket Club02120100
22 Mitchell, TysonOrange City Cricket Club0000040
23 Cain, BadenOrange Waratahs Cricket Club0140000
24 Watterson, BillCentennials Bulls Cricket Club0003000
25 Ashraf, NadeemOrange Waratahs Cricket Club0230000
26 Baker, Ian JOrange Waratahs Cricket Club0050001
27 Culverson, MatthewOrange CYMS Cricket Club00001600
28 Smee, ChristopherOrange CYMS Cricket Club0100300
29 Lawrence, Pat RLithgow District Cricket Association0003000
30 Venner, RichieCavaliers (Orange) Cricket Club2101000
31 Gott, PeterOrange CYMS Cricket Club9004000
32 Findlay, MatthewOrange City Cricket Club1403000
33 Cartwright, JockOrange City Cricket Club2000000
34 Baker, PaulCentrals Cricket Club05001000
35 Middleton, StuartCavaliers (Orange) Cricket Club01402000
36 Wright, BradCavaliers (Orange) Cricket Club7002000
37 Martin, Christopher PCavaliers (Orange) Cricket Club0101000
38 Cole, GaryCavaliers (Orange) Cricket Club01300000
39 TAYLOR, FletcherKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club0010000
40 TAYLOR, StirlingKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club0080000
41 Hawker, EllisKinross Wolaroi School Cricket Club2730000
42 Daintith, JackOrange CYMS Cricket Club00202101
43 Daintith, Hugh TOrange CYMS Cricket Club00202101
44 Harper, AlanOrange Waratahs Cricket Club0800000
45 Ruddy, GuyCavaliers (Orange) Cricket Club00120000
46 Carter, DanielBathurst City Cricket Club0003000
47 Maybin, MarkCavaliers (Orange) Cricket Club5103000
48 Howarth, AngusOrange Waratahs Cricket Club01100000
49 Griffith, LachlanOrange Waratahs Cricket Club01210000
50 Board, JoshuaSpring Hill0000100
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Total Records: 518   Page: 1 of 11   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next
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